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We have been providing 100% genuine customer products and services for the last 6 years or so. A big part of what we do is install CCTV cameras and add biometric devices with software integrations. Please go to our Products Page to find out more about all of our products and services there.

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Our Services

Computer Repair, Computer service, All kind of computer issue fix in once place.

Computers AMC, Sales & Services.

Our unified systems and AMC Services assure high IT infrastructure availability and uninterrupted business continuance.

We do Comprehensive and Non Comprehensive AMC Services for all branded Servers, Desktops, and Printers on a competitive price. Our AMC price Starts from 1200/- for a year with ‘N’ no of service calls.

Are You Looking For Best & Low Cost CCTV Installation In Chennai

Our Company provide the best cctv camera installation service to Home, Apartments, Office, Software industries, Shopping malls & Hospital, Shops. We offer High Quality CCTV System Installation in affordable price in Chennai.

CCTV Solution, IP Camera and Anlog Camera, data storage solution at one place. expects advice and solutions. In chennai location.
Facial Biometric Systems, More feature solutions, HR & Admin hasle free report  payroll solution we provide.

Facial Recognition

Biometrics makes use of our most unique physical features and behaviors to serve as digital identifiers that computers and software can interpret and utilize for identity-related applications. They can be used to identify someone in a biometric database or to verify the authenticity of a claimed identity.

Use high-performance algorithms

In the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have become the predominant methods for automatically extracting the above information and then comparing it against other images. These algorithms enhance the biometric security of face recognition technology without having any impact on the user experience.

Green Energy

Green Energy Solutions is a company with a wide range of activities in the field of thermotechnics, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. We work on the implementations of modern concepts of HVAC systems for different types of facilities, system design: wind turbines, solar panels and power trades.

Green energy, Solar energy, Solar energy and wind energy save lot of money. Free expert advice.
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