Building New Network Infrastructure From Scratch

Smart Alphabet provides growing businesses with dependable IT services that is cost-effective, and secure. At the same time they also provide companies with Server Management Service, Managed Business IT Services and Server Administration.

Our Managed IT department has a strong technological foundation that can assist you in minimising downtime and maintaining a healthy network for your company.

Web servers are primarily used to host websites on the Internet or an intranet. If an individual or a company is more concerned about privacy and confidentiality and decides to host their website on their own resources, we can provide them with a high-quality product that is also fast and secure.

Get The Best Server & Network AMC Services


Our Network Management services are available to businesses of all sizes and types. To provide a unique set of benefits, we use a combination of remote automation tools and our expert IT engineer.

Benefits of managed networks :

  • Admin support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Upgrades to Apache, Exim, and MySQL.
  • Increase system ROI by increasing usability.
  • Administration Tickets are unrestricted.
  • Restore any services that have gone down.
  • Guaranteed response time of one hour.
  • Unused/insecure services are deactivated.
  • Firewall rule manipulation based on log activity.
  • Guaranteed resolution time of 24 hours.
  • Security updates as provided by the operating system and/or the control panel.


We offer our clients with management service as well as consultation, We also take care of the design, configuration and implementation.

Servers Monitoring

We’re fully accredited by Microsoft and Dell, with vast experience of Windows (plus the underlying hardware), including Active Directory administration and Group Policy management. We also cover virtualization and high availability solutions

Internet and Broadband

TWe provide a single-stop, fully managed and integrated Internet access solution, complete with underlying broadband (including capability for site-to-site private links with options for redundancy and failover). We can manage your security and access to meet your requirements.


Our expertise includes telephony, so we can manage your mobility throughout, from Mobile Device Management (MDM) of mobile phones, through telephone number diversion, to secure remote access to your business systems and information for homeworkers or people out on the road.

Cabling and Ethernet

Installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation are conducted by our qualified engineers, whether the cabling is Ethernet or Fiber Optic. Cabling installation come with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Directory/Account Administration

We manage Directory Services for many clients, including their data security, access to resources, ICT standards and desktop computer settings.

LAN,WAN,VPN, VLAN and Wireless

As well as physical cabling we’re able to help with your LAN management and configuration, including virtual network segmentation (VLANs) and Wireless integration, Computing over distances requires security and efficient routing of network traffic.